Boosting the Rate at Which Your Website is Crawled

Boosting the crawl rate for your website means that you are making changes that will encourage search engines to crawl your site more often. There are no set in stone times for a website to be crawled and it could take only a matter of hours or several weeks. When your site has a high crawl rate it’s an excellent sign that Google finds your site attractive. This article will help you get those impressive crawl rates so your website can really stand out.

Google bots respond well to sites that take the initiative to improve page rank and develop backlinks. Your website has to look valuable in the eyes of this search engine giant, and one way to do that is to acquire targeted backlinks from other relevant websites that have a high page rank. This might seem a little difficult when your site is new but if you stick with your efforts to build those backlinks it will pay off for you in a big way in the future. Besides that, building backlinks to your site is important to increase your ranking in Google and take your organic traffic to the next level. Be sure that your website isn’t filled with heavy pages that take too long to load. Make sure you give good information but present it in a format that is short and sweet. Keep the page size small whenever you have the opportunity to do so. With content management systems in place like WordPress it’s important to avoid widgets that could impair the performance of your site. When you do this you will experience a boost to search engine crawl rates as well as improved satisfaction among visitors to your site. Make sure that any designers you hire are completely on the same page with you about load times and page sizes.

Don’t use plagiarized content on your website – the search engines despise this. Google is one that particularly hates plagiarism. When you make sure your content is completely unique you’ll make the search engines much happier. Google will often penalize sites offering duplicate content by lowering their page rank. With the new Google algorithm there is a greater degree of emphasis on unique content than in the past so it’s important to provide content that is original to your site. You want to do so much more than just add original site though; you want to stand out by providing information that is valuable to readers too.

Are you ready to take on the simple task of boosting your website’s crawl rate? Once you work on this one area, you’ll see an increase in the traffic that you’re receiving from Google, and your new pages get indexed much faster. So go ahead and start taking action on what you learned in this article to make sure your site gets on the Google’s list of regularly crawled sites.

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