How to Write High Converting Ads for PPC

If you are doing PPC advertising, then you already know how critical your ad copy needs to be. Your job is to get attention, and then make people want to click through to see what your offer is all about. That is one reason so many people lose money with PPC, but you do not have to allow that to happen, though. We will tell you a few methods you can use to improve your PPC ad copy.

This goes without saying; if you want your target audience to click through your ad, then you first have to make sure they see it. The searcher comes across your ad when he’s searching for a specific keyword, and your ad is shown only when the keyword matches your ad. You really should be smart and include targeted keywords in your ad campaigns or else your CPC will be higher than what they need to be. Your landing page headline and title have to be included where you place your keyword phrases. It is possible to have the PPC software put your keywords in the copy by using the advanced keyword insertion feature.

You may be amazed at the power of “free” in an ad, but beware because you will be a freebie magnet. Just be aware of what is going on when you go with that term, and honestly most PPC advertisers avoid it. Always take care of your ROI when you start down that road with offering free things in an advertisement scenario. When you’re utilizing a platform such as Google AdWords for your PPC campaign, it’s really important that you make yourself different from the competition, because ultimately your returns depend on how many clicks convert to a sale/lead.

Follow the AIDA Formula: The copywriting formula attention, interest, desire, and action is applicable to writing PPC ad copy, too. You don’t have much space to work with but the AIDA formula can still be applied. Work on grabbing the attention of your target audience, generating interest and desire with your copy, and wrap it up with a call to action. This can take some time to perfect, if you’re new to copywriting, but with a little focus, getting it right isn’t too difficult. You will craft good ad copy when you use this proven formula. Writing a strong ad copy for your PPC campaign should be one of your priorities because ultimately that’s what makes the difference between success and failure. Getting it right require action and commitment on your part but the above tips will help you improve.

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