What All Bloggers Should Know About WordPress SEO

Optimizing your WordPress is not that hard to do if you follow the proper procedures. However, you will there are those that still do not follow the proper procedure for optimizing a WordPress website. So what kind of steps do you need to make the most out of WordPress SEO? Let’s look into it …

Inbound Links: We all know the importance of link building when it comes to search engine optimization. When WordPress is used, SEO is a lot simpler and when the link building process has been done correctly, then you will see good results. Even though outbound links are crucial for your WebPress site to be successful, you must also focus on creating internal links so that you can get the most from inbound linking. If you look around, you’ll see all the top ranking blogs/sites linking to their own articles internally wherever needed. Creating a strong internal linking structure will not only benefit your visitors with added navigation, but will also create a strong impression on the search engines. Building internal links is considered to be necessary in the eyes of the major search engines.

This is because an internal link building system that works the right way will result in more of your content being viewed. Also, this will allow your page views to go up because the readers will have a map of where they should go.

Optimize Your URL Structure: Using WordPress, one thing that you’ll really like is the option to use organized, easy to understand permalinks, which provide a lot more information about your pages to the search engines. Change the URL so that it isn’t a long and involved series of numbers and punctuation marks. This not only looks ugly, but also provides little information to the search engines as to what the page is about. By optimizing your URLs, you’ll be able to insert your keywords in them, and make them look good for both the human readers and as well as the search engines. The change is simple to make by logging into the section titled “permalinks” on your settings panel. It’s as simple as that!

Graphics and SEO: Adding a little extra to a written article like an image or picture is critical, especially when you are creating amazing content for your blog. Most major blogs will include a picture with their article that provides emphasis on the point the picture is trying to make. You need to make sure you SEO all your images which can be done while you are uploading the pictures. Your WordPress blog already gives you an SEO advantage over the others, so make it even more effective by optimizing your images the right way. You should use image titles and ALT tags to describe what the picture is about; this gives you an opportunity to place your keywords here. Images are highly valued by the search engines, especially when optimized and people will no longer look at you through the “image search” chef glass but also by searching for the terms you optimized for.

The results you’ll see as a result of your SEO efforts for your WordPress site will be extremely impressive. As long as you keep your focus on giving your audience and the search engines excellent quality in content and SEO your blog is sure to be a success.

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