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If you run a blog, you know how important it is to get the reader’s attention to all your posts. Blog headlines are the first tools that can be used to get readers attention. Far too many blogs these days don’t invest enough resources into coming up with effective titles. Don’t miss out on the opportunity their loss presents – use these tips to make better titles for your blog posts.

Don’t write a paragraph – keep it short and sweet then give it an edge. Short titles tend to be much less confusing to readers. You don’t want your readers to have the opportunity to get lost in the title, keeping it short will not allow that to happen. So in order to achieve this purpose, create your own thumb rule when writing your title – such as not letting the blog post title go to the second line. Make your blog and post title as simple as possible so that people don’t leave out of confusion.

By putting a sense of urgency in your titles, readers will know that what’s offered in the post has a time limit. You have the key to getting people to read your posts if you can do this without making your readers feel pressured. You need to focus on why readers should be reading your posts and show them that. This gives a solid reason for people to read your posts.

The best headlines are unique and stand out from the crowd. Many bloggers tend to get lazy when it comes down to creating a unique title for their post that actually makes the reader stop and think.

Some people find it easier and faster to use a ‘swap file’ to create similar titles for their blog posts. The downside to doing this is if your readers feel they have seen that blog title before, they are more likely to skip over the post. So if you want to garner more attention, you need to put in the necessary effort to creating unique blog posts and titles.

It makes a difference to how readers respond to your posts when you create the right title so use these tips to get the best results.

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